Quote for 3/27/17

“My friend John, when the corn is grown, even before it has ripened–while the milk of its mother’s earth is in him, and the sunshine has not yet begun to paint him with his gold, the husbandman he pull the ear and rub him between his rough hands, and blow away the green chaff, and say to you: ‘Look! he’s good corn; he will make good crop when the time comes.'” This is a quote that Van Helsing says to his former student, John Steward


Soundtrack for 3/23/17

In this portion of Dracula, Lucy’s partner Arthur writes to Dr. Seward about her poor health. I think that any song that involved mystery would reflect this situation best. No one around Lucy actually understands why her health is deteriorating, so something eerie and suspenseful would be best.

Dracula Free Response 3/3

Today I read about Mina reuniting with Jonathan. After he had been in the Count’s mansion and tortured, this is the first time his fiancé Mina has heard from him. She first receives a letter that tell her that Jonathan is sick. Worried, she visits him in the hospital and they are quickly married. Jonathan tells her how mad he has become, and urges her to read his journal to see what he went through all those months he was held prisoner. I’m excited to see how she reacts, and whether or not she believes what he wrote about.

Dracula Connection 3/1

Right now in Dracula, Lucy is getting up in the middle of the night and is acting strangely. Her peculiar behavior can relate to horror movies like Paranormal Activity. In those movies a character usually gets up involuntarily in the night and walks around the house, similar to Lucy.

Quotes in Chapter VIII

My favorite quote in this chapter is, “The time and distance seemed endless, and my knees trembled and my breath came laboured as I toiled up the endless steps to the abbey (78).” This is spoken by Mina, who described in detail her thoughts after Lucy goes missing in the middle of the night.

Prediction of Dracula

Right now, Mina is wondering where Jonathan is. The two are set to be married, and it has been months since he has last written to her. This troubles her, and she reflects her worries her writing. I think that within the next few pages she will either have to go rescue him or he will miraculously show up after many more weeks of waiting. There is the possibility, however, that he could have been killed by Count Dracula.

Soundtrack for Dracula Chapter 3

In this chapter, Dr. Steward, the head of the insane asylum, researches one of his patients. This particular patient has been feeding flies to spiders, spiders to bird, and intends to feed birds to cats so that he can eventually eat the cat and “gain all of its life”. This odd and disturbing sequence of events reminds me of a more eerie and slow song. Maybe the Haunted Mansion theme song could be used in this case, or the American Horror Story one.