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Prediction of Dracula

Right now, Mina is wondering where Jonathan is. The two are set to be married, and it has been months since he has last written to her. This troubles her, and she reflects her worries her writing. I think that within the next few pages she will either have to go rescue him or he will miraculously show up after many more weeks of waiting. There is the possibility, however, that he could have been killed by Count Dracula.


Prediction of Dracula

Right now in Dracula, Jonathan is desperately trying to escape the Count’s castle and go back to his home in England. He is acting extremely clumsy and panicked, so I think that his attempts to escape will be unsuccessful. Due to his chaotic nature and all of the other dangerous factors in the house, Jonathan most likely will get himself caught and killed or sent back to his room as a prisoner.


Right now in Dracula, Jonathan is exploring the castle in the middle of the night despite Count Dracula’s orders not to. He sees him climbing like a lizard down the side of the building. Jonathan writes, “What manner of man is this, or what manner of creature, is it in the semblance of man? (50). This shows how Dracula’s true self is beginning to shine through, and I think that soon he’ll find out what Jonathan is doing and kill him.