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Soundtrack for 3/23/17

In this portion of Dracula, Lucy’s partner Arthur writes to Dr. Seward about her poor health. I think that any song that involved mystery would reflect this situation best. No one around Lucy actually understands why her health is deteriorating, so something eerie and suspenseful would be best.


Soundtrack for Dracula Chapter 3

In this chapter, Dr. Steward, the head of the insane asylum, researches one of his patients. This particular patient has been feeding flies to spiders, spiders to bird, and intends to feed birds to cats so that he can eventually eat the cat and “gain all of its life”. This odd and disturbing sequence of events reminds me of a more eerie and slow song. Maybe the Haunted Mansion theme song could be used in this case, or the American Horror Story one.

Your Obedient Servant

I think that the song “Your Obedient Servant” from the musical Hamilton would best represent this portion of the book. The song describes two men writing letters back and forth, each signing off with the song’s title and then their name. This relates to what Mina and Lucy are doing. The chapter starts with Mina sending Lucy letters, and then Lucy sends her multiple ones at once. This is almost exactly what Hamilton does to Burr in the song.